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Washington DC is one of the most popular cities in the world. Not only this city is known as one of the best tourist destinations in the world, but it is also known for the political importance which is attached to this city.

The city is famous as a tourist destination for more than one reason. It experiences a nice weather almost all through the year.

It is comfortable in most parts of the day. This city is actually located in the subtropical climatic zone. It is a humid place. The climate and weather conditions that prevail in this region are typical Mid Atlantic climate. The area is generally under the effect of the close proximity of the Atlantic Ocean as a huge water body.

The presence of a huge water body like Atlantic Ocean has a great effect on the climate and weather conditions in Washington DC. Washington is a nice place in summers as it rarely gets very hot here. As it is located in the subtropical region, the risk of cyclones is much higher in this city. There are frequent cycles which reach this city as the low pressure zones are formed just above this city.

 The summers are pronounced but humid. May and June are the wettest months. Average annual rainfall is not more than 15 inches here and more than half of this amount falls in these two months. The winters are not particularly dry. The spring and autumn seasons are also wet. The rain fall is not extra ordinary in total amount, but no time of the year is totally dry. Although this city is located towards in the subtropical zone, this place does not experience great range of temperature. The difference between the temperatures of summers and winters is not very pronounced. The reason behind this lesser range is the presence of Atlantic Ocean near by.

 Every water body has its own impact on the surrounding land areas. Water bodes tend to make the climate less severe. The continental cites are generally hotter in summers and colder in winters, but with the presence of Atlantic Ocean so close, Washington DC is different. It has a mild kind of climate. Washington is located towards the West of Greenwich. It is 7 hours ahead of the GMT. If its 0900 hours according to GMT, it will be 1600 hours in Wessington DC. It is a very nice and pleasant place to visit.

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