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Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America and also a very important tourist destination. Washington travel guide says that the city attracts about 20 million tourists each year. The biggest industry apart from the lawmakers is the tourism industry.

Travel to Washington as there is lost that visitors can do while they are here. In fact admission to most Washington tourist attractions is free.

The most famous Washington tourist attractions are White Hall, The Capitol Hill, Smithsonian museum and the memorial to 4 of the nations’ presidents.

Other places of interest are Georgetown, arty DuPont Circle and Adams Morgan district. Washington travel guide is the best form of information resource whenever you plan a trip to this exciting city. The city is bound to make you enjoy more than you anticipated before your travel.

The Washington travel guide includes Lincoln Memorial. Apart from housing the memorial to the Abe Lincoln; the steps of the memorial offer a splendid view to the rest of the city. Vietnam War has had a special place in the hearts of Americans. Washington travel guide includes The Vietnam Veterans memorial.

It’s dedicated to the soldiers who laid down their life while fighting in the war. Another place listed in Washington travel guide is The National Air Space Museum that has many historical planes including the famous Wright brother’s flyer and Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of Louis.

Whatever be the choice of cuisines for visitors and residents, there are innumerable restaurants that serve almost anything that a visitor is looking for according to Washington travel guide. According to the Washington travel guide the cuisines include Thai, Vietnamese, Fast Food, Indian, and Mexican. It has also some of the most expensive restaurants.

You can also enjoy the perennial favorite hamburger, Hot Dogs and Chinese in a box. You can choose to go to the more elegant place where some of the power brokers of the capital both men and women frequent such as Zaytina’s, Georgie Brown’s etc. as listed in the Washington travel guide.

Traveling to Washington DC is quite simple. It’s an important city and there are many flights coming in and out of Washington everyday according to the Washington travel guide. The city has many cars and cabs and is easily accessible on foot as given in Washington travel guide. . There are also plush hotels located in Washington such as Hilton and accommodation is easily available, all information about the hotels is given in the Washington travel guide.

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