What to See while visiting london

By Cristina Costa on 17/01/2008
The city of London is a place worth visiting. Every tourist has a dream of vacationing in London at least once in a life time. The city is a marvel, and the liveliest cities in the world. It is always good to plan beforehand when you think of visiting London. You should find information on all the famous tourist attractions in order to take full advantage of your visit and not to miss a single place while you are there.
The city of London is full of places to see, be it historical monuments, landmarks, scenery or the famous nightlife, you can never get bored once you are in London, all you have to do to enjoy your trip at its maximum is to keep collect all information about the place as much as you can before your arrival to the city. Some of the most famous places which are recommended are The London Tower, this historic tower is build on the south east side of the city and is an original tower along side the River Thames.
Tower Bridge is the Nineteenth Century Bridge situated next to the Tower of London, and is the famous site near to the city. St Paulís Cathedral, another historic site built in the 17th century was restored after the Great Fire. SouthWark Cathedral, next to the London Bridge, is a serene place to sit and relax. Highgate Cemetery, this cemetery contains graves of several famous personalities; one of them is Karl Marx.
You can find guided tours of the place as well as go independently and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. Royal Albert Hall is the famous concert hall, where world famous artists have given performances up till now and it is still a entertainment venue. Notting Hill, The Portobello Road located in Notting Hill is an antique market; you will find some excellent souvenirs for your friends and family in this unique place and will also give you a nice time shopping.
Greenwich, the place where Greenwich Mean Time starts, you can also visit the Royal Observatory while you are in Greenwich. The o2, it was constructed to celebrate the millennium, and now serves as an entertainment complex, the complex contains a humongous arena where dramatics are played, apart from it there is also the countryís largest cinema screen. London city is a joy to be in and a place to experience, its an experience not to forget ever.