Tourist Attractions London

By Junior Knight on 17/01/2008
London attracts a lot of visitors every year. London is located in the Western Europe and is one of the most populated cities of the world. It is a very important city not only from tourism point of view but also from the point of views of economy of the country and politics. London is the political centre of United Kingdom. It is one of the most visited places by the tourists.
There are lots of tourist attractions in the city which make it a very nice place to visit and enjoy. It is a very attractive city and there are plenty of man made tourist attractions in London and lot of focus is usually shown on them. London Dungeon, Madam Tussaud and London Eye are all major crowd pullers. One among the top ten museum of wine, Vinopolis is available in London.
One cannot find the source of income as plenty of money is spend in advertising and promoting lot of events and products. It is advised to either book or gets tickets in prior as this will save lot of time and effort. For a spot like The London Tower, it is better you get tickets in prior as you will not like to stand for hours in queue.
All of the places have online booking or reservation facility and hence, suggested to use the option. London Eye became a modern version of Prater Ferris of Vienna wheel that dominates the skyline completely opposite to the parliament. You could have great pictures from the top if you take telephoto lens with you.
Favorite natural advantage points are Greenwich hills, Ranger house which are atmospheric as the sun sets, Bunuel Fashions, Parliament Hill etc. The giant wheel is closed for maintenance during January end or beginning February and also has an eye on its website and make sure there is good weather before you go on top as you may be depressed if Rain or Sun starts the show down.
London aquarium features greater atmosphere and very beautiful if itís just fish that you are looking for in County hall. The aquarium is well designed and put together with all of the Easter Island statues in a pool that is multi storied. Royal Artillery exhibition is aimed at military enthusiasts as it assures plenty of explosions and bug bangs. Crecy and Agincourt battle, Trafalgar battle and Gulf war were British trademark.