Language and Culture of London

By Kevin Fooster on 01/04/2008

London is one of the most important cites in the world. Not only it is a very important city from political point of view but it is also a very important city from economic point of view. It is one of those cites which are very well developed and rich. Most of the visitors enjoy London. This is the reason that the tourism industry of London is a well developed industry. There are many specific cultural features of London which you must know before visiting it. London is a pretty city and you enjoy it as a visitor.

The main language spoken in London is English (British) and is not as same as Australian or American English. Formal way of greeting people in London is “Good Afternoon, Good Morning, etc” and if at all you want something, and then must say “Excuse me please”. The dialect that is spoken and found in east London will be Cockney Rhyming slang. It’s a coded language found by cockneys in 19th century in order to speak in front of police but still will not be understood. It’s easy to understand though as a phrase that a rhyme with the actual work is used than the actual itself.

Beyond 250 languages are spoken in London making this capital the best known linguistic city with diverse across the world. London is considered to be ideal for multi-lingual staff recruitment. London is also considered an international centre for culture like Music, Arts, Museums, festivals and many more. Definitions of each culture are easily possible as diversity in London is great. City of London is home for beyond 300 nationalities who have molded over time and have helped in shaping the culture to look as of today. Several Fairs, carnivals and festivals are being hosted by London all through the year.

Carnival of Notting Hill is the famous of most and is the second largest in the world. Usually takes place during the bank holiday in August as it attracts beyond 1 million people. The carnivals hosts Afro-Caribbean flavor which also includes a competition between steelpan bands street parade for 3 miles with music and dance.

Also hosted by London is another carnival, Del Pueblo Carnival, celebrated on august first Sunday every year. Seven of the countries take part in processions on streets dance, music and fairs. Large parades are generally help on St. George’s day, St. Patrick’s day.