History of London - Long History

By Travel Infoz Member on 15/01/2008
London is a city with a long history, which dates back to centuries. It has the oldest heritage and links somewhere with the Romans in the after death era. The place which is now called London started off as being the military depot for the Romans, after their invasion of the Great Britain, the place started off in 43 A.D. It was an ideal location for trade and therefore emerged as an important trading port.
The Roman Empire started to collapse in the fourth century, thus the town does not record a history of the time in between, i.e. from 457 to 600. Although, the town remained, and it continued as a Saxon town with a trading prominence, the Christians came over in the same century, although the residents did not let the bishop stay and drove him away, but a cathedral was built by St. Augustine.
Lunduntown, as it was named in 1066, continued to grow in a steady manner. William had taken over the control of the city and was living in the Westminster Abbey, he was not fond of the Saxon population and built several fortresses inside the walls of the city. The London Bridge across the River Thames was built by him in place of the old bridge which was built by the Romans.
The city of London became the capital city during the reign f Edward III, this was in the fourteen century, he made Westminster Abbey as the administrative center and also made London a city in comparison to the European cities. The times between the 1500 century to the 1800 century were the best times for the growth of London as a prominent city. Although these were also times when London faced a lot many dangerous catastrophes, the death toll had always been at a rise and the population never grew, there were a number of fatal epidemics which took a large death toll.
Urbanization started in London during the nineteen century. The major reason of development in London was the industrial revolution that took place in London and many other cites in the 19th century due to excellent mineral resources which were discovered all over the European continent. At present London happens to be one of the most populous and well developed cities in the world. London is one of the biggest cities in the world not only with respect to population but also with regard to the area it covers.