Food and Drinks

By Knight (Editor # 12) on 01/04/2008

The city of London is famous for its numerous and luxurious bars and dining places. The city is full of every type of eatery you can think of and also every type of cuisine you can wish for. London gives you all the excitement and fun a great metropolis can promise, although fine dining can be a bit steep on the pocket for there is very less chance of finding cheap bars in London, drinks usually cost more than they would cost outside the city of London. But since you are on a vacation and are here to have a nice fun time with and enjoy your trip, a little extravagance would not harm.

There are several big chains of bars which offer less expensive drinks like Scream and Wetherspoons, these mostly cater to the student audience, therefore, are quite popular and quite crowded too. The Rocket, and another one, The Court are both linked to The Scream chain f pubs and bars and offer relatively cheaper drinks. These are located on the Euston and the Tottenham Road. The British library is quite nearby to these two pubs, therefore you would find them filled with students at most times.

The Knights Templar, located on the Chancery Lane is quite a pleasant pub, it has a nice environment, and the place is large and is therefore relatively peaceful unlike other pubs and bars. The Sam Smith’s bars are quite highly priced, if you want to have a nice drink with good food, you are likely to find most of them near to the famous attractions, as these places are usually full of tourists and do real good business. Another nice place to visit for a nice quick meal with a drink is The Midas Touch, this place is quite famous and offers some good deals too.

If you are in the mood of spending some heavy cash on your drinking and would like to have a good time in a classy pub or a bar, you should check out the more expensive and trendier places. Some of them are Purple Bar, Light Bar and Long Bar; these places give you an excellent environment along with excellent drinks. A place not to miss for drinks is the most famous of all, The Foundry; the place is popular for its unique atmosphere and usually has art exhibitions in the halls downstairs. It is an interesting place for drinks.