Bermuda Holidays Vacations

By Travel Infoz Member on 14/03/2008

It is really amazing if you are going to spend your vacations in the beautiful country of Bermuda. Usually this country is considered to be the part of ‘the Caribbean’ but in reality it is situated beyond to the northern region of the Atlantic Ocean. Miami is also situated near the country of Bermuda.

This country is situated very much close to the famous cities like Atlantic City, New York and Philadelphia. It is also popularly known as a weekend getaway destination because it is full of joy having a vacation for one or two weeks.

Bermuda is located very much far from the chief regions of Caribbean islands. It is separated by miles and miles of waters of the Atlantic Ocean. So, Bermuda has grown its own peculiarity. Here in this country the streets and the roads are very clean. There is not much traffic on the roads as it is seen in other countries. The people here are also very much polite and helpful. But as it used to be under the rule of the British, the quality of ordering and maintaining efficiency in various activities is the habit of people in Bermuda. Traffic rules and regulations are very strictly followed in this country, so crossing the limited speed of driving a vehicle shall never be a wise decision in this country.

Bermuda is rather more traditional country as compared to other island in this region. Having a sun bath without a top is prohibited. The swim suits are considered only for use in the pools and the beaches.

In Bermuda you will find the few of the world’s best diving’s. The water of Bermuda is clean. A great variety of fish is available in Bermuda along with a huge number other sea food. Almost the new reefs and many of shipwrecks are also situated here, approximately more than four hundred. Those people who don’t have more interest in the sea/water activities have got many shopping places all around the downtown. It is better for you to visit the Hamilton and the famous historic spot St. George.

The country Bermuda also proved to be an asset of immense value because of its location being very much strategic in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean. Few forts were built by the British to defend themselves from the powers of the Spanish and the French people. These forts are now available for the visitors to watch and satisfy their interest.