Where To Stay In Toronto

Toronto has a great number of places to spend a night or two. Most of these places offer world-class service, and you’ll feel at home while spending vacation time.

Some of the best accommodation in Toronto includes hotels, Bed and Breakfast or B & B’s, and backpacker’s inns. Depending on what your budget is, there is a place that you can spend a night and enjoy every second of it while in Toronto.

One of the most expensive hotels in town is Bond Place Hotel Toronto. This is situated in the city center, and you’ll feel at home while spending time there.  They have three and a half stars rating so you can be assured that hotel service is excellent. This is definitely a place to stay while in Toronto, although it’s a bit expensive but if you can afford it then why not stay here.

Another Hotel that you can spend some time is the Park Plaza Hotel Toronto (Airport).  Here to you’ll feel like you are home. It is best to stay here the night before your scheduled flight or let a jet-lag pass after you have landed. If you want something more extravagant, spend a night in the 5-star hotel called Sutton Place Hotel Toronto.  This is also situated in the City Center, and is an outstanding place to stay while in Toronto.  The service is superb and the hotel staffs are trained to give you the warmest welcome Toronto can offer.  Check it out if you can afford it.

Bed and Breakfast
There are several bed and breakfasts where you can stay while in Toronto.  One of these is Ainsley House which is situated at the Rosedale neighborhood.  The warm welcome from the owners would make you feel much at home while here.  Another great B&B that you can stay is London Town B and B.  You’ll find that their breakfast is definitely superb yet relatively cheap compared to higher class hotels.  This is situated in a district called London suburb. 

Backpacker’s inns
There are several backpackers’ inns where you can stay while in Toronto.  This type of accommodation is for those of us traveling on a low budget. These are not the best but these are comfortable enough for most people. If you want to stay in a backpacker’s inn, check out Canadiana Backpackers Inn or College Hostel Toronto.  You’ll find that these are some of the better backpacker’s place in Toronto.  In Toronto, there is always a place where you can stay. Just go on asking the locals you will meet, I’m sure it won’t take long to get some goods tips and guides to look for a nice backpacker’s inn to stay.