Tourist Attractions In Toronto

Toronto has several tourist attractions that lure hundreds upon thousands of people to the city a year. Art galleries, the strangest-type of museums, historical buildings, and some interesting architecture are the attractions the city can offer.

They have something even for the traveling sports fanatic. Take a tour around the city and see how many attractions you can visit in Toronto.

Toronto has several excellent museums that are ideally designed as tourist attractions. You can always visit these Museums; the best of these include The Bata Shoe Museum, Museum for Textiles, and the Royal Ontario Museum.  There are also number of art galleries that you can visit once in Toronto, the art gallery of Ontario and the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, to name only a few.  These are all excellent tourist attractions and “must-see places in Toronto.”

Plan to visit the CN Tower or the Toronto Eaton Centrum; these places would make you enjoy your stay in Toronto more. These are a demonstration of lovely architecture and design, and you’ll see a lot of local people and meet new faces at these sites.

If you would rather like to go to something quiet to be more relaxed, pay a visit to the Toronto Harbor where you can hire a boat for a day and sail into the sunset while enjoying your favorite beverage.  There’s also the Waterfront Trail and Wild Water Kingdom for those who doesn’t enjoy a lot when sailing. These sites had made excellent time both for the old and the young tourist in Toronto and all these places has been tagged as the much hyped tourist attractions in Toronto.

If you have kids traveling with you, you can take your them and yourself to the Metro Toronto Zoo.  This is one of the main tourist attractions in Toronto that proves to be quite relaxing. Kids would love to watch the animals for hours and this could give you a nice break to relax. Another tourist attraction in Toronto designed for the younger generation is the Wild Water Kingdom. This attraction is guaranteed to entertain everyone and allows fun for several hours.

If you are more of a sport aficionado, you can enjoy a tour of The Hockey Hall of Fame.  This contains all kinds of information on hockey tournament and past events. You’ll find it fascinating to see what people are capable of. Lastly, Toronto’s main tourist attraction is the airport that’s situated in the middle of one of the islands in the harbor.  Why don’t you go and check out the ferry that connects this island with the mainland? Taking a quick ride on a ferry boat is quite relaxing.Toronto has something for everyone.  It has a vibrant culture and interesting people.  This city is undoubtedly a “must see” place in the North American continent.

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