How To Get There

One can use air, sea, road, or rail transportation system in getting to Toronto. Each transportation system has an advantage and a disadvantage.

To make sure you’ll have the best time to spend while you’re in Toronto, the choice of which transportation system to use is critical, depending on your point of origin.

By Air:
If you decide to travel to Toronto by air, you’ll have one of two airports where you can land.  Each one has a different advantage to a particular traveler.  If you chose to land at Toronto Pearson International Airport, you’ll find this as a busy airport but this is the easiest to access.  Then the second option that you have is to land at City Centre Airport.  This is not as busy as Toronto Pearson International but it is located on an island. The harbor is the only way accessible to the airport and travelers needs to cross the bay by ferry boats.

By Rail:
The second option that you have to reach Toronto from the United States or the rest of North America is by rail.  There are a number of train stations where you can get off, and from there you can always get a taxi to your destination.  The subway also connects parts of Toronto with each other.  Both of these two are relatively cheap, and can contribute to your experience of an exciting vacation in Toronto.

By Sea:
The third option that you have to reach the City of Toronto is to travel by sea.  Although this option has a lot of setbacks, such as the amount of time needed (but this depends on your point of origin), it is a lovely experience to cruise the open sea.  Toronto boasts of its fully functional Harbor. It has the capability to support nearly all of types of vessels that pays a call to its ports.

By Road:
The last option that you have if you want to travel to Toronto is to travel using one of several highways from the United States or other parts of North America. You can either travel by car on your own, travel by bus or take a taxi.  There are several bus routes in and around of Toronto, which makes traveling fast and effective.  Taxis are mainly used to transport you and your luggage to and from the train stations, harbors or other destinations that will come across your journey.

No matter what your choice of transportation is, getting to Toronto shouldn’t be a problem.  It is accessible using all possible traveling methods, and most of these options are reliable, quick and easy to follow.  Planning can make your travel more efficient so take time looking at the maps. By combining several traveling options, you could save a lot of money and at the same time, truly relax and enjoy the trip.  Feel free to ask any of the locals if you need help on how to get to and from Toronto.

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