Food And Drinks In Toronto

Eating and Dining in Toronto. Food in Toronto is so varied that it can have anything for all of the travelers who opted to stop there. Toronto has something special for meat lovers – an abundant supply of venison (deer or moose meat).

Toronto also offers a lot for seafood lovers because of its bountiful sea. There’s also a wide variety of vegetables grown here. You’ll find that Toronto’s food is of an excellent quality and always served fresh for you.

If meat tickles your taste buds, Welling Street and Front Street East are the places to be.  These two locations have vast variety of restaurants offering a wide verity of dishes, and they specialize in Canadian moose meat.  These two streets are easy to find and very much accessible.

If you want to have something from the sea, there are several places near the wide beach of Ashbridges Bay and on Queen Street East.  Here you’ll find a vast amount of sea food dishes served in the way that only the people in Toronto does. Three main dishes would be mustard, Atlantic salmon and maritime lobster.  If Italian food in Toronto is your thing, you’ll find a large array of restaurants and cafés serving Italian food the Toronto way. You’ll find some of the best Italian restaurants on College Street and near Bathurst, offering all types of Italian food - from pizza to pasta.

In terms of food, you’ll find something for everyone in Toronto.

Drinking in Toronto. There are a number of different beverages to drink in Toronto, and the city boasts some of the best wines in the country.  If you wish to enjoy a good whisky or something stronger, there is something in town that could be offered to you by its fine bars.Bar Italia which is located in little Italy is a romantic atmosphere set-up where you’ll see the local people enjoying some of Toronto’s best drinks by your side.  A lot of bars are located on Queen West, such as Bar One, The Beaconsfield and The Paddock.  Each of these bars caters to a kind of ambience that one would prefer.

If you are the type who prefers relaxing and enjoying yourself while staying in some of the best hotels in town, there are restaurants located along these places. It is recommended that you have a drink and something to eat at the following restaurants: Annona, Azure, Chez Victor, Courtyard Café, Old Mill and The Drake.  These restaurants allow you to see the town while dining. From there, take a drive to the city’s gorgeous settings.

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