What To See In Singapore

Join the 9 million tourists touring Singapore every year to enjoy the attractions in Singapore in the various travel destinations in Singapore and surrounding islands and feel the cultural tourism in Singapore with its mixed ethnic population.

Attractions in Singapore:

The economically developed and top most business capital of Asia, Singapore has a varied history of mixed races of people migrating into it in the earlier centuries.  The diversity of cultures hailing from Chinese, Indian, Malay and Euro-Asians living peacefully in Singapore offers an excellent cultural tourism in Singapore and multi-various attractions in Singapore.  Basically as in any country which attracts tourists through out the year, the attractions in Singapore can also be enjoyed without any specific season.

 The travel destinations in Singapore as guided by the Singapore tour packages have been filled with lot of attractions in Singapore – starting from Zoological  parks, natural splendor, beach resorts, places of worship, museums, war memorials and monuments which are witnesses of the history of Singapore.  Also the attractions in Singapore include a pleasant array of shopping centers offering everything of quality manufacture.

Cultural tourism in Singapore:

Being a mixed culture of Chinese, Indian, Malay and other Asian ethnic groups of people the cultural tourism in Singapore is most varied and colorful.  Particularly in the festive seasons of each ethnic group one can feel the real pleasure of cultural tourism in Singapore. The majority population of Singapore State, the Chinese is ardent lovers of traditions and cultures.  Family –centered, respecting the elders on all occasions, courteous and self-respected nature of Chinese reflects their culture during the Chinese New Year festivities.  China town, one of the popular attractions in Singapore is populated by these Chinese densely and wears a glamorous look with lights, display of dragon pictures, festoons and other decorations in plenty. 

Cultural activities of performing arts, uniquely Chinese can be enjoyed during this season.  Cultural tourism in Singapore has another dimension in Little India, where people of Indian origin, both North and South India live prominently.  As part of cultural tourism in Singapore, one should not miss the gaiety of Indian culture and fine arts performed through out the year and especially during the festive season of Diwali.  Mingling with the Indian fan-fare in these festival celebrations will be a memorable experience.  Hari Raya Pusa festivities of Malay Muslims in Singapore and Christmas celebrations in Singapore are wonderful part of cultural tourism in Singapore and play a vital part in places of attractions in Singapore.

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