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This top Asian tourist center of an Island nation is bubbling with fun activities in Singapore with throbbing nightclubs, bars and pubs attached to popular hotels. Entertainment in Singapore does not end with nightlife and booze and there are more.

Popular among the tourists from all over the world and the cultural tourism in Singapore begins with the performing arts of musical concerts, dance performances of all traditions and comedy festivals that are arranged through out the year in Singapore convention centers for pleasant entertainment in Singapore.

tourism of Singapore:
With encouragement and consistent support from the government, cultural tourism of Singapore has been promoted systematically in the recent past.  Singapore State being a mixed blend of Chinese, Indian and Malay cultures, each ethnic group following its traditions ardently, there is no dearth of entertainment in Singapore by undertaking cultural tourism in Singapore. 

There are notable items of cultural tourism in Singapore to enjoy performances of foreign troupes.  To quote a few – in March/April the Singapore International Comedy Festival takes place to be enjoyed by happy tourists as part of their cultural tourism of Singapore. 
In June, the Singapore Arts Festival is celebrated with vigor; in August there is WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) of international fame; in November Singapore River Buskars’ Festival – where you can bring your family to the riverside carnival atmosphere and enjoy the parade of baskars at Fullerton Singapore and 25 art groups performing jugglery, acrobats and miming that will be a classic to be remembered in your cultural tourism of Singapore.

Singapore Convention Centers:
Check the calendar of events throughout the year in the Singapore Convention Centers and you’ll find some thing going on for best entertainment in Singapore. Victoria Concert and Memorial Hall is one of the famous Singapore Convention Centers, where some contemporary and classical music by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra will be going on continuously.  Or you can change the venue for Chinese music by Singapore Chinese Orchestra in the evening.

 For enjoying dance by renowned troupes the Singapore Convention Centers recommended are – Singapore Dance Theater; Kala Mandhir Temple of Fine Arts and Nritiyalaya Aesthetics Society.  There are acclaimed drama groups performing in Singapore Convention Centers namely – The Necessary Stage; the Theater Practice and Singapore Repertory Theater.  The top of the list of Singapore Convention Centers is Esplanade Theater situated on the Bay with a 2000 seat theater and 1800 seat Concert hall. The other smaller venues of Singapore Convention Centers are – The Substation; The Jubilee Hall and Kalang Theater.

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