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The mostly urbanized Singapore Island is preferred by millions of tourists thronging from all over the world as visitors, tourists, holiday crowd and businessmen because of the temperature in Singapore.

Weather in Singapore is distinct by its consistency with no serious fluctuations and in the climate in Singapore, whereby there are no seasons in Singapore adverse to be avoided.

Weather in Singapore:

Geographically Singapore State is a formation of totally 63 islands, situated in the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula, between Indonesia and Malaysia. Due to its proximity to sea and its land area belonging to the coastal line, weather in Singapore is significantly dominated by the sea.  Singapore Strait separates it from Indonesia and Straits of Johor from Malaysia and the sea breeze is very much there to offset the hot summer weather in Singapore.

Among the number of small islands surrounding Singapore State, only four are big islands namely Jurong Island; Pulau Tekong; Pulau Ubin and Sentosa.  Singapore is situated mostly not more than 15 meters high from the sea-level to warrant any change in weather in Singapore. Bukit Timah is the highest point of 538 feet and can experience a little bit of coldness in the weather in Singapore. Even though there are no rivers or lakes, fresh water is being stored by construction of water catchments areas and reservoirs for drinking water supply and the effect of such water resources in the weather of Singapore is negligible.

Climate in Singapore:

Singapore is situated 1 degree north of the Equator and the climate in Singapore is tropical rainforest climate. Because of its geographical location and maritime exposure, climate in Singapore is uniform with no mounting pressures and the humidity is constant.  The climate in Singapore is also made tolerable by abundance of rains of average 93 inches annually.  The temperature in Singapore is therefore fluctuating from a minimum of 23 to 26 C and a maximum of 31 to 34 C.

Relatively the humidity in the climate in Singapore is high in the early mornings and comparatively low in the middle of the afternoon.  The climate in Singapore is also experiencing the rain shadow effect by the situation of the hill Bukit Timah in the center, whereby the eastern Singapore is hotter and dryer than the western Singapore.

Seasons in Singapore:

Monsoon is arriving twice to bring rains in the seasons in Singapore.  December to early March is Northeast Monsoon season in Singapore. Southeast Monsoon season in Singapore is from June to September. The in between periods from these monsoon months are with less rain and winds. In December and January the season in Singapore will be cloudy and afternoon showers.

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