Travel Map Of Singapore

As the fastest developing Island Nation in Southeast Asia, Singapore is recognized world wide as best of touring, holidaying, sight seeing, enjoying vacations or brisk business trips to attend conferences, trade fairs etc.

So the travel map in Singapore is to include invariably the landmarks in Singapore to be visited to know about the history of Singapore and attractions in Singapore to enjoy with family and kids.

Attractions in Singapore:

There are a number of attractions in Singapore for different categories of tourists -  family tours to sight-seeing, educational tours to know about Singapore, business tour and spending leisure time with fun, honeymoon trips to celebrate new wedding life and so on.  Essentially the popular attractions in Singapore are visited by all the tourists of the above cadres as detailed below.  Attractions in Singapore alphabetically are – Asian Civilization Museums formed by three National Museums of Singapore where one can see exhibits and projections representing Asian culture.

Escape Theme Park is one of the best attractions in Singapore to enjoy with family and kids in wet and dry rides thrilling to the core. Another attraction in Singapore for a family visit is Jurong Bird Park, the biggest in Southeast Asia where 9000 birds of 600 and more species fascinate you. Kent Ridge Island is among the attractions in Singapore for offshore islands like Pulau Duran Darat with abundance of Acacias, Tembusu and Dillenias trees. One of the most fascinating attractions in Singapore is Merlion  welcoming all tourists with 70 tonne weight and 8.6 mtrs.

Tall. Night safari of 40 hectares of dense greenery to enjoy wild life in the night, Pulau Ubin – a small island in the shape of boomerang with abundance of natures’ wealth; Singapore Zoo are other popular attractions in Singapore.

Landmarks in Singapore:

Singapore Island State is a systematically developed nation right from ancient history and has seen a lot of turbulent periods by power struggles and world war destructions.  So the landmarks in Singapore preserved to remind the olden days and proclaim the ability to marvel in the state-of-the-art architecture of modern Singapore are worth visiting. Landmarks in Singapore to remind the military occupations are – The Johore Battery; Pasir Laba battery; Labrador Battery and Fort Siloso Battery on the coastal lines of Singapore. Another landmark in Singapore is Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles statue – the great man who laid the foundation of disciplined Singapore we see today and developed it from 1819.

Another landmark in Singapore of modern times is The Fullerton Hotel, the brisk center and hub of social, commercial and official life of Singapore.

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