Language And Culture Singapore

This Island Nation is situated between Indonesia and Malaysia in the Southeastern Asia and due to its proximity to these Asian countries and Thailand, a large number of people migrated to Singapore.

So the Singapore arts and culture is a mixed one along with lifestyle in Singapore and language in Singapore.

Singapore City is the capital of the State and has an estimated population of over 44 millions living their lifestyle in Singapore, of which the ethnic equations are 76.7% Chinese; 14% Malay; 7.9% Indians and 1.4%, other ethnic groups. So the Singapore arts and culture, and lifestyle in Singapore are predominantly originated from Chinese customs and traditions owing to their majority.

Languages in Singapore:

Ever since Independence in 1965, Singapore has been striving to promote its national identity and social harmony between the citizens of Singapore, though the lifestyle in Singapore and languages in Singapore vary.  Hence Singapore Government has made Mandarin (Chinese); Malay (for Malaysians and Indonesians) and Tamil (for South Indians) as the national languages in Singapore and yet retains English as its link language and business language in Singapore with the outside world.

Arts and culture of Singapore:

Singapore is basically an Asian country and bears through its citizens of mixed race of Chinese, Malay and Indian origins and Singapore arts and culture that are unique to these Asian countries. However the annual Arts festival is widely greeted by all these ethnic groups in expressing the Singapore Arts and culture to the world. 

As for culture, Chinese people always give importance for family unity; respect to elders; dependence on guidance of elders of the family and friends who are also recognized to be members of the family in making decisions. This goes for Indians and Malay Muslims lifestyle in Singapore as well, since right from childhood they are brought up this way within the structure of joint family norms.  The Indians hailing from an ancient country of civilization perform their skills in arts and culture and that is reflected as Singapore Arts and culture to others from the various parts of the world. 

Life-style in Singapore:

While the elders of the mixed ethnic groups follow the traditions they were hereditarily following from the time of their fore-fathers in living their life-style in Singapore, the younger generations, who work hard and get prosperity never before seen, tend to follow their life-style in Singapore of their own. The reflection of European culture is slowly getting into prominence in these young minds and gradually the life-style in Singapore is changing towards that of the western countries.

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