How To Get There

Adjudged as top most Asian business city, Singapore is well connected with the outside world by a number of airlines and getting to Singapore is very easy.

Singapore airport is the target of almost all the countries in the world and so there are direct and connecting flights from every county to Singapore airport. Singapore railways run Mass Rapid Transport and well maintained roads of Singapore highways take complete care of the tourists.

For holidaying on vacation and for sight seeing in around the city, Singapore Railways run the MRT at a very cheap fare. 

A large section of businessmen land in Singapore Airport by flights since Singapore is a world market for all the goods. Singapore is the best place for conducting business meetings, conferences and trade fairs through out the year. Therefore getting to Singapore has  been made easier by operating a large band of flights and maintaining the Singapore railways and Singapore highways in top order is the predominant priority of the government of Singapore.

Singapore Changi Airport:

Singapore Airport has won all-round praise from visitors landed there at least once for its impeccable cleanliness; meticulous planning in providing amenities and comforts to passengers and public; the ease with which all formalities like immigration check and clearance of packages are done; the polite and courteous service offered by the Singapore airport crew with a smile any time and every time. The two terminals handling the incoming and outgoing air-passengers in millions are serving like a well-oiled machine (passengers can use free sky-trains run by Singapore Airport for transport between terminals) and there is one more big terminal under construction to be opened in January 2008.  You have everything you expect to be in an International Airport and more in Singapore airport.

Mass Rapid Transport of Singapore railways:

Singapore is being served best with this mass transport system of Singapore railways connecting the various parts of Singapore city.  MRT Station is provided by Singapore railways inside the Singapore Airport terminal No.2. MRT will take you from Singapore Airport to Singapore city center in 30 minutes for a charge of SG$1.60.

Singapore highways connecting Singapore Airport:

The distance of 20 kilometers from Singapore city center to Singapore Airport is connected by The East Coast Parkway electronic toll road maintained by Singapore highways. Passengers can get rented cars, taxis, shuttle service luxury busses from Singapore Airport to all hotels and public busses frequently running in between at a very affordable charge of SG$ 1.50. Excellent roads are inter-woven by Singapore highways through out Singapore State.

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