Food And Drink In Singapore

With a floating tourist population of millions every year and trillions of dollars and euros are poured into the coffer by way of tourism,

Singapore is well prepared to host the tourists with a large number of Singapore restaurants which serve choice Singapore cuisine and traditional food in Singapore.

Singapore being a nation of multiple ethnic population and cultures, there is no dearth in availability of Singapore restaurants unique for each culture – Asian and European.  Simply put, Singapore is haven for food loving people to enjoy Singapore cuisine and Singapore’s best wine and drinks.

The local Singaporeans are following food habits of their own and relish the traditional food in Singapore. For each variety of food, there are number of Singapore restaurants and cafes available in Singapore City and other islands and tourist spots surrounding Singapore.  Being a tropical country of hot summers and wet winters with no snow falls, rice is the main item of Singapore traditional food and a myriad of dishes made of rice, like noodles are very popular.

Chinese noodles are the most sought after items of Singapore cuisine, uniformly by every tourist of Indian, Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian or European origin because of the innumerable varieties of side dishes that go along with Chinese noodles available in Singapore. Being an Island Nation, Singapore traditional food invariably contains lot of sea food – choice fish varieties, prawn and crabs.

Another important factor is the cost of these Singapore traditional food items – so cheap and affordable by tourists of any nation.  An ordinary midday meal can be finished within S$5 and a sumptuous one with fish and mutton side dishes to go along with it can be had easily for SG$20.

The most popular food items of Singapore restaurants that have to be tasted are
 Chinese: Chicken rice – fragrantly made with spices, served with roasted or boiled chicken meat along with hot spicy soup available within SG$5. Fishball noodles made up of fish paste and served dry with chilli paste or in soup form. Pran noodles – a mixture of noodles with fried prans.
Ba Cut Teh – Pork ribs or limbs stewed in soup.
 Malay food
Nasi Lemak – Fragrant rice served with small fish, cucumber, fried eggs and other ingredients.
 Indian food
Mee Goreng – fried noodles with chilli paste, small pieces of fried mutton or egg. 
Roti Paratha – fried dough made of wheat flavor served with fish or mutton curry.

As for Singapore’s best wine and drinks – only imported liquor is available and the top sales is Red wine imported from U.S.A., France, Australia, South Africa and Chile. Apart from the above popular items, there are innumerable items from junk food, snacks to full course meal available throughout Singapore State. As for drinks, tender coconut, Indian lussi made of good thick curd with sugar, fresh fruit juices of a number of citrus and other fruits are available in plenty in every nook and corner of Singapore.

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