Best Time To Visit Singapore

This island nation of world touristsí attractions in Singapore for pleasure trips and holidaying in the best places in Singapore. Tourists visit Singapore through out the year. However the best time to visit Singapore is the festive seasons.

Conversely, though Singapore has no particular season, according to the genre of the tourist hailing from some part of the world the peak tourist seasons for Singapore differ.  In January every year, the entire Chinese population of Singapore celebrates the Chinese New Year on a grand scale.  China-town, one of the popular attractions of Singapore, the area most densely inhabited by the Chinese will wear a festive look, with colorful decorations, lighting up the entire area with beautiful luminaries. 

During this peak tourist season in Singapore, Chinese will greet the tourists with bouquets and oranges and there will be street parades known popularly as Chingay. A huge bazaar is also organized. The next peak tourist season for Singapore comes in November, when the Indians celebrate Deepavali with lights, music, dance, cultural programs and lot of fanfare.  During this peak tourist season in Singapore, one of the best places in Singapore, Serangoon road will be having milling crowds with lights everywhere shopping merrily for the festive season.

Also in November tourists visit Singapore, when Malay Muslims celebrate Hari Raya Puasa to mark the end of their fasting season in Singapore.  An active night bazaar to sell clothes, food such as candied dates, cakes etc. will be opened in the night at Joo Chiat Road. Another best time to visit Singapore is during September when Chinese celebration with Lantern Festival takes place. The entire Chinese Garden, another best place in Singapore will glitter with big lantern lights of Chinese origin while kids also light up paper lanterns observing the tradition.

For art and cultural fan-fare loving tourists to visit Singapore the best time to visit Singapore is June, when the famous Art festival, one of the popular attractions in Singapore is conducted with music troupes performing in the Esplanade Theater including the popular cellists of Symphony Orchestra.

Christmas is another peak season to visit Singapore and one can witness the celebration with lights, fun and frolic in the entire Singapore Island. So the best places in Singapore can be visited during travel to Singapore and the peak seasons in Singapore mentioned above and tourists can enjoy all the attractions of Singapore.

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