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Get To Know The Unique Features Of Seattle Weather Seattle is situated in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and is the biggest and one of the busiest cities in this region. It also is the county seat of the King’ s County.

Situated in between the Lake Washington and the Puget Sound, which is an inlet of the Pacific Ocean, the Seattle weather has its own typicality.

Though not in a uniform manner, the city of Seattle is hilly and is said to be lying on the seven hills much like the city of Rome. The Seattle weather is affected greatly by its unique geographical location.

The Seattle weather shows characteristics of the Marine west coast. Again, there are also similarities in the Seattle weather with the Mediterranean climate. The two lakes on either side of the city cuts any sort of extremity in the Seattle weather. Hence the Seattle weather is rather pleasant. The Seattle weather during summers is exceptionally good. No wonder summertime brings the best days for travel tourism in Seattle. During summer, the Seattle weather is dry and the temperature is pleasantly warm.

 Another reason why the Seattle weather is rather pleasant is the situation of the Olympic Mountains that save this piece of land from the Pacific storms, though partially. Similarly, the Cascade Range protects the place from the Arctic air. Frequent rains are typical of the Seattle weather. It gets more frequent during the winters when the Seattle weather is rather wet and cold. Though this city has earned the diffidence of being frequented by too much rain, the annual rainfall that this city receives is less than places like Houston, Atlanta, New York, and most of the cities that are located in the Easter Seaboard of the country.

As a matter of fact, many people consider the Seattle weather to be predominantly rainy because of the fact that on an average, the Seattle sky remains cloudy for about 200 days every year. Precipitation in Seattle occurs mostly in form of drizzles.  Heavy downpours are truly occasional incidents. Another specialty of the Seattle weather is that during the spring, the late fall, and the winter, it appears almost every day that it is going to rain. But in realty, it doesn’t happen so. The reason behind this is the overcast condition in which the sky appears almost everyday during this part of the year. The thunderstorms are very incidents in the Seattle weather.

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