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Seattle Shopping: An Experience of a Lifetime Seattle is the largest city in the entire Pacific Northwest region of the US. A part of the US state of Washington, Seattle is also the county head of the King’s County.

Everyday, so many people from so many walks of life frequent this place for a multitude of reasons. Being home to the prestigious University of Washington, this place is known widely for the high level of education.

Seattle is also home to several important offices and business houses. Add to that the rich elements of culture that give this place a distinctive feature. But there is still another ace of Seattle that one cannot afford to miss. It is the Seattle shopping. Seattle shopping adds newer dimensions to this already busy place. As a visitor to this city, Seattle shopping is a must in your ‘to do’ list.

Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, REI (that is the Recreational Equipment Inc.), and a few other renowned superstores that are known all over the country have Seattle as their home place. Seattle is also the home town to Quite evidently, Seattle shopping turns out to be a dream proposition for the shopaholics. For the best of the experiences in urban shopping you have to go the downtown area of Westlake Center. It is the ultimate of the Seattle shopping, if you are interested in the urban aspect of shopping.

Apart from this, there are several other Seattle shopping areas that include Lincoln Square and Bellevue. They are located to the east of Lake Washington. One of the great features of Seattle shopping is the opportunity of neighborhood shopping that this place has in store for you. There is a wide range of independently owned shops in the areas like Ballard, Capitol Hill, West Seattle, Wallingford, and Fremont. There is also a host of specialty stores over these places. Once you come over to nay of these shopping sites, your idea of Seattle shopping is undoubtedly going to be worth the bill.

The most talked about site in terms of Seattle shopping is perhaps the Downtown Shopping District (1st Avenue and the Madison Street). It forms the pulse of the ever vibrant Seattle shopping. There are several national departmental stores along with equally numerous jeweler stores, fashion boutique houses, and much more. There are also the quality retail stores such as the Nike Town or the Mary’s. Several websites too come up with detailed list of the famous shopping sites of this vibrant city.

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