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Seattle Restaurants: They Are Just Irresistible The saying goes that the way to a manís heart is through his tummy. Letís not go for an in depth critical analysis of it, and we will find that the same applies to women as well.

In this regard, Seattle is sure to occupy a separate place in everybodyís heart. There is no denying this fact. The Seattle restaurants are one of the reasons why you should make it to Seattle, even if for a very brief spell.

Not many places that you may have been to will be affording the kind of variety that the Seattle restaurants have in store for you. The delicacies can prove just too much for you. Talking about the Seattle restaurants, they provide a variety of cuisines to the connoisseurs. There are particularly two chief areas: the regional cuisines of the Pacific Northwest and the seafood delicacies. Go to the Seattle restaurants like Mobil Three Star Rayís Boathouse, Elliotís Oyster House, or the Ivarís Salmon House and these places will serve you with the best of the sea foods.

The hood canal oysters on half shell are specialties of the Elliotís Oyster House. Rayís Boathouse specializes in the roasted Alaskan halibut that is served best with squid ink risotto and the delicate lemongrass coriander sauce.The Pacific Northwest regional cuisines are also one of the major cuisine specialties in many of the Seattle restaurants. The Mobil Three Star Cascadia, Dahlia Lounge, and the Lark are some of the Seattle restaurants that specialize in this kind of exquisite regional delicacies.

 Just think about the idea of having grilled lamb accompanied by roast mission figs or the Dungeness crab ravioli. The proposition is just too mouth watering. If you want to taste the rotisserie roast duck or spicy geoduck, one of the Seattle restaurants that come to mind is invariably the Dahlia Lounge. For delicacies like pan roasted quail that is combined with striped bass tartare and creamed corn, you have to go to Seattle restaurants like the Lark that is located off the Capitol Hill.

Among the Seattle restaurants, you will also find many that provide the best of French dishes. As a matter of fact, such Seattle restaurants are quite many in number. Of such Seattle restaurants, the two stars Campagne have immense popularity among the people. There are also several other Seattle restaurants that specialize in other kinds of cuisines including the Italian (as in Al Boccalino.).

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