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San Francisco Weather: A Cool City with Warm People San Francisco can easily be surmised as a natural urban beauty. Though it may appear like an oxymoron, it is true to all its senses. The splendid natural beauty encircling the area and the urban San Francisco –

both combine to form a wonderful experience to be remembered by any visitor for his or her entire life. The San Francisco weather does the final touch up and complements the scene in its entirety.

The San Francisco weather ranges between mild and cool almost all through the year. The summers in San Francisco are usually foggy and the winters here are rather wet. The San Francisco weather is highly influenced by the cold Pacific currents caught in conflict with the Californian mainland heat, resulting in the creation of fog and mist over the city.  the best time to visit San Francisco is, however, during the months from April to October. These months, San Francisco is crowded with tourists from all over the world and the temperature can be relatively low at this particular time of the year.

From November to January, the San Francisco weather is characterized by major rainfall and it happens to be the favorite time for the winter storms to make their presence felt. The otherwise foggy cloud that covers the San Franciscan sky can become exceptionally clear after it had rained the last night. This is a day that every photographer waits for and is ideally suited for some good pics.

Some years, the San Francisco weather may get a little unpredictable and the winter rains may extend their presence in San Francisco and shower even in the months of February and March, thereby waiting the city with incessant rainfall. However, the happier end of the story is voiced by some wonderful blooming trees dressed in their best. You can also see an abundance of flowers all over the city in these months. Things get much more cheerful when April and May announce their homecoming. Characterized by clear sky and little or no fog, the San Francisco weather in these months is a tourist’s delight.

In June, July and August, the San Francisco weather shows warmer promises and things are quite cheerful. However, you cannot trust San Francisco weather completely. Sudden invasion of fog and cold is only natural, but they definitely are transient. September and October are one of the best times of the year as far as San Francisco weather is concerned. Most frequented by tourists and enthusiasts, San Francisco weather shows promises in these two months.

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