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San Francisco residents consider themselves to be more elite than their Los Angeles cousins. There isnít so much glitz in the city when you Travel to San Francisco, but the city is especially beautiful.

Seattle proper lies at the tip of the peninsula along the California coasts according to San Francisco travel guide.

According to the travel information given in San Francisco travel guide, in the 1850, with the onset of Gold Rush, the place was known as the place for bordellos, drinking dens and surging crime. After the earthquake of 1906, where the city was leveled, the city rose like a phoenix and was magnificent than before making it a major tourist attraction explains San Francisco travel guide.

There are some of the finest hotels in the city that include W Hotel San Francisco, Four Seasons hotel, JW Marriott Hotel and many more and are some of the San Francisco tourist attractions as per San Francisco travel guide. These hotels are on the expensive side but there are many small and affordable hotels which also have great facilities.

Many of the hotels offer great discounts and packages. Some of the amenities offered by the hotels are fitness centers, spas, swimming pools, shopping on site, jogging track , non smoking rooms, daily maid service, same day dry-cleaning and much more, free high speed internet and much more and are included in the San Francisco travel guide

According to San Francisco travel guide, the steak houses of San Francisco that are especially famous. According to the San Francisco travel guide, even the pizzas are great and here are many pizzas where the ambience is eclectic and the pizza hot and piping as they are delivered fresh to the table. Many singers have sung songs about San Francisco and its life.  Visit the Golden Gate Bridge that stretches for 4200 feet and this bridge was a huge accomplishment when built in 1937 according to San Francisco travel guide. It still stands tall and this suspension bridge is still one of the best known bridges all over the world.

The Alcatraz Island once a prison for the worst criminals in the country is now a part of the National Park service and is visited by tourist all year round as laid down in San Francisco travel guide. Itís reached by ferry and a ferry for the island leaves every half an hour. Visit the Marina to see the Exploratorium. Set up by physicist Frank Oppenheimer, the museum unveils the mysteries of science and literature. Visit the museum at your own pace.

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