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Climate in San Diego could be described as a beautiful warm and sunny weather throughout the year. Temperature in San Diego is averaging of 70.5ºF or 21.4ºC.

A marked feature of the climate is the wide variation in temperature due to varied topography of the area. You can enjoy coastal, mountain and desert environments if you go around San Diego, and you can do that all in one day.

Koppen Climate Compensation (BSh) classifies San Diego’s climate as “semi-arid warm steppe climate.”  The mild, sunny weather in San Diego matched its fine beaches. The coldest is January (57ºF or 14ºC) and the warmest is July (72ºF or 22ºC).

A local phenomenon or micro-climate called "May gray and June gloom" - the occurrence of a cloudy layer in the atmosphere, typically higher than the usual layer of fogs. This makes the months of May and June not a best time for visitors itching to have their skin tanned in the beaches of San Diego. October is best for those who still want to enjoy the beach when the summer crowd is gone. But check the local weather first before buying your airline tickets. Weather observers of San Diego noted that once every two years, rains could be frequent in October. We don’t want you sunbathing in the rain.

Another local weather occurrence known as “Santa Ana winds” – that easterly wind that brings in hot and dry air from inland deserts. This makes the summer in San Diego a uniquely roasting feeling, especially those who love the beach.

Rainfall is concentrated from November through March. The dry months start from April to October. July is the driest month with a precipitation level of 0.8 mm. Droughts and floods are San Diego’s worst enemies but thunderstorms and hurricanes rarely occur. The extremely varied rainfall pattern in San Diego could be attributed to the largely diverse topography - the Bay, the hills and mountains, and the desert and canyons.

The unique topography of San Diego makes its climate varied and diverse. The deserts and canyons in the east (Arizona) and the south (Mexican border), the Pacific Coast in the west, and the mountains and hills up north are the factors that cause this type of weather and climate in San Diego. Visit this Sand Diego, California and you can check if your body’s thermostat is still functioning well. Try a package tour that includes all the three ecosystems in one day and feel your body adjust to the rise and fall of temperature and humidity.

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