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The San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau provides official travel advisories, maps, directions, safety tips, hotels, restaurants, in-season activities and means to get there for those who plan to visit San Diego.

There is no established pattern when it comes to price of packaged tours over the months, unlike some destinations that prices extremely vary. The weather is generally excellent year round – that is why timing is not a limitation in choosing when to visit San Diego.

San Diego Historical Society holds regular lectures and special events. Historical events are part of the attractions in San Diego because of its rich Hispanic-American past. The Day of the Dead is one of the annual neighborhood celebrations in San Diego. It is an expression of the Mesoamerican tradition of celebrating the life of the deceased, held every November 3rd, a day apart from the traditional All Saints Day. December Nights is a great annual holiday tradition held at the Balboa Park every December 7th and 8th.

Among the best places in San Diego, the warm beaches attract tourists most. But mid-May to early July is not the best time to visit San Diego if one longs for a nice experience in the beach. There is something called “June Gloom” by the locals, where the coastline gets covered by grey clouds. It may get sunny for only an hour each day.

 Late summer and early fall is the best time to visit San Diego if you’re dying to enjoy its warm beaches. Summer begins in July and sunny days are consistent along the coast on this month. August is hot. As it gets hotter and hotter, the beaches are jam-packed until September. The July to October period is most likely the peak tourist season San Diego.

The months of September to October in considered by some as the best time to visit San Diego because they are usually dry yet colder than the roasting hotness of summer. But to those from the cold regions, who want to experience warm and sunny beaches, should visit San Diego by July.

If you want to get tanned in the beaches of San Diego, but you are not the type who likes crowds, October is the month for you. The weather in San Diego is good in October. The beaches are less crowded as the summer crowd of vacationers has already returned home for the school opening. But there can be a lot of rain in October every other year, so check the weather before buying your airline tickets.

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