What To See In Rome

Rome is renowned as one of the best food destination among all the countries. This pulsating city has much to offer. While planning trip places of touristís attraction is of much importance.

What would of much significance? The list of what to see in Rome is quite large but is so exciting that no one can predict that when the list come to an end. The destinations are easily accessible and offer breathtaking view to the visitors that they wish to come over here again and again.

To begin with, Most of the ancient sites of this charming city are located in the historic center that a visitor can explore them just in a one single day. Rome is well- liked for its famous temple, The Pantheon. The temple is said to be the dwelling place of all the Gods. This beautiful temple was constructed by King Hadrian between the A.D. 118-125. But in the 7th century the temple was transformed into a church and is presently is stood with tombs.
The Romeís highest amphitheater is popularly known as The Colosseum of Rome can adjust around 55, 000 people in it. Those who wish to see temple, church and arch together, Roman Forum is the place to visit. This huge complex can be very well explored within 2 hrs. The easy availability of tickets for the Palatine Hill and the Colosseum leads to the removal of standing in the long queues outside the Colosseum of Rome. These beautiful sites offer breathtaking view and highly memorable experience to its own residents.

The Capitoline Hill situated above the Roman Forum has two popular museums. One is a reflection of Greek and Roman sculptures while other is a portrayal of sculptures, frescoes and art galleries. Piazza Navona is a residence of three lavish Baroque fountains. It is believed that tartufo and much touted ice- cream dessert is said to have origin from here.

Previously, it was constructed for competition based on athletes and chariot races.The remains of the monument Baths of Caracalla are situated at bottom of Aventine Hill. Bath was used to be as one of the social event for the people of ancient Rome. They used to arrange a wide range of recreational facilities, art galleries and shops with eateries.

For shopaholics, Trajan market, the oldest shopping center of the world is the right place to explore. The visit to all above destinations offers a rich experience which can be cherished as a life long treasure in the heart.

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