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Introduction Rome, the capital of Italy, and the harbinger of Renaissance is well-known all over the world for its enchanting and majestic beauty and its age-old historical sites, monuments, museums, churches, gardens and art galleries.

Rome acquires a unique place in the world tourist map. The Seven Hills of Rome add beauty and grandeur to its whole landscapes.

When to visit Rome
The best seasons to visit Rome are the spring and the autumn due to the mild weather of these seasons. Nature wears a new dress in these seasons and these are the best seasons for the tourists to enjoy every moment here. The weather is neither hot nor cold in these seasons. If the tourists plan to visit  Rome  in October, they could enjoy their moments under the roof of the mild sun.

What to see
Rome has many important places of tourist attraction. The main sites are given below:

The greatest amphitheatre of Rome, christened in the name of the giant statue, Colosseus of Nero, where around 50,000 spectators enjoyed the games of the gladiators and the wild animals. It is one of the most important sights for the tourists to view the large properties of the Roman Empire. It is well-connected with the Colosseo metro station.

Capitoline museum
To have a view of the famous statues and sculptures of the world, one must have to visit the Capitoline museum located in Capitoline hill.

Parks and gardens
Your journey will be incomplete if you would not see the beautiful gardens of Rome. The four gardens of Rome are Villa Celimontana, Roseto Comunale, Orto Botanico and Valley of the Caffarella.

Pantheon, one of the most enchanting buildings of the world, is originally a temple built to symbolize the unification of the twelve gods of Romans. The inner side of the pantheon is harmonious. Acquario Romano, one of the most important sites of Rome, is now used as gallery for exhibition.

What to eat
One can taste all the traditional, classical Italian and cosmopolitan dishes in Rome. The restaurants of Rome would provide one all opportunities to taste the red and white wine of Italy as Italy is well-known for its vineyards. Moreover, the restaurants are well-equipped with entertainment facilities and so one has to dine and smile at the same time.

Where to shop
For the shopaholics, the shopping centers are waiting here to fill their bags. The luxurious hotels of Rome have shopping centers to welcome the guests. The shopping centers are full of the Italian fashionable garments, jewelery and things of art and crafts.

The buses and the metros provide transportation facilities to the local commuters and tourists. Metro line A and B are well-connected to the various locations of the city.

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