Tour Vacations In Rome

Rome is one of the favorite tourist destinations of the world. The capital city of Italy, Rome, is well-known as the culture capital of the world. The land of Julius Ceaser and Augustus, Rome was invaded by the foreign invaders since the beginning of the civilization.

The ups and downs of the Roman history changed the entire Rome and now Rome bears its glorious past.

The most important touristsí vacations are discussed below.

Colosseum, the greatest amphitheatre of ancient Rome, is the main attraction for the tourists. It was the place for the game of the gladiators and various wild animals. It has the capacity for 50,000 spectators.

Pantheon is one of the most renowned buildings of the ancient Rome. It was built as a symbol of unification of the twelve Roman gods during the rule of Roman emperor, Hadrian. It is located near the Spagno Metro Station. The inner side of the Pantheon is harmonious. It is now used for music and poetry concerts.

Capitoline museum
Capitoline, one of the most famous museums of Rome, has the collections of the statues of the Roman emperors and sculptures designed by  the Roman artists. It is located on the Capitoline hill. Exhibitions of art and sculpture are held here.

Bioparco Zoo
Bioparco Zoo, located in the Vila Borgese Park area, is a home of the various species of animals. It is well-connected with the Spagno and Flaminio metro station.

Gardens of Rome
The four gardens of Rome are Villa Celimontana, Roseto Comunale, Orto Botanico and Valley of the Caffarella. The tourists must have a look  the Roseto garden, the garden of rose, which was earlier a graveyard of the Jewish. It is located on the beautiful Alvetino Hill. The effluence of the garden will be memorable for everyone.

Scala Santa or Holy Staircase
It is said that Christ had walked through this route on his way to last judgment.  History says that the 28 staircase made of marble was collected by mother of Emperor Constantine, St Helena. It is located near the San Giovanni metro station.

Pasta Museum
Pasta Museum is the collection of Pasta history and eating culture.

Acquario Romano
The aquarium is a great building. Now it is used as a gallery for displaying art and culture and other creations of artists.

Celio Hill
Celio Hill is one of the Seven Hills of Rome. The Hill has various ancient churches and most parts of the hill are now modernized for the touristís attraction.

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