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Located in the Lazio region, the western central part of Italy, Rome is known as the Eternal City and it was the secretarial centre of the Roman Empire.

At present it is the main centre of various ministerial issues but is outmoded as the finance and business centre, by Milan.

Rome is known to be founded on April 21, 753BC by Romulus, one of the twins who were the borne of Princess Rhea Silvia and were looked after by a she-wolf. This day is now celebrated as a public holiday in city. The history of city is also quite amusing. It witnesses the growth of the city from insignificant rustic settlement to a gigantic empire which was ruled by a chain of emperors.

The city Rome is the heart of European civilization. Shells of the magnificent ancient times of Rome can be seen in the region called Roma Antica including the beautiful monuments of the Foro Romano and Colosseum. The Renaissance period buildings focus on the Centro Storico which is located in between the Via del Corso and the Tevere. It consists of a tangle of narrow, twisting, paved side streets leading to be wonderful open spaces lead by baroque churches, palaces and fountains.

The average winter’s temperature is around 8°C (46°F) and the average summer’s temperature is around 28°C (82°F). The city experiences an average of 760mm (30 inches) annually. The weather of the city remains quite similar throughout the year.However, it is slightly hot and humid in August and most of the locals go for a break at this time of the year. Once in a decade, the city can also experience snowfall. But generally the temperature is very pleasing and the tour to city can be planned at any time of the year.

The current population of the city is 2,817,000 as per the population survey held in the year 2005. Current life continued to explore to new heights along with the ancient spectacular monuments with the latest modernism of stylish boutiques, noisy pizzerias and cars, mopeds and buses.

The city also experienced an exponential growth in the art and cultural aspects that was influenced by the inauguration of various centers devoted to jazz, dance, music, theatre and cinema. It also witnesses a vivacious nightlife with a number of splendid casinos and gaming centers being the main attraction. The other attractions of the city include Colosseum, Mercati e Foro di Traiano, Foro Romano and Palatino, and many more that are the symbol of ancient Rome as well as the contemporary Rome.

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