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The proverb that we use “Rome wasn’t built in a day” tells us about the glorious Roman Empire and its rich cultural heritage sites. Rome is a common simile and metaphor that we found in the various forms of literature of the world poetry, drama, novel etc for its effluence of art and culture.

The literary artists of the world use “Rome” in their writings to give more meanings to their forms especially in the field of art, culture and architecture.

As one spells Rome, the memories of the ancient Roman civilization as well as the birth of renaissance come to mind.  Rome, the nest of the classical artists, is always a famous place for the litterateurs and connoisseurs of the global world.Rome is always well-known for its rich ancient civilization where art and culture developed first. The capital city of Italy, Rome, has acquired a unique place in the world’s tourist map due to its age-old archaeological sites, sophisticated architecture, musical concerts and festivals. The best seasons to visit Rome from spring to autumn as one find oneself in a different world in these seasons.

The harbinger of the renaissance, Rome, attracts the tourists from all over the world due to its rich socio-cultural history and   monuments of the golden history. The buildings of the ancient Rome designed and built by the architecture artists are well-known for its rich design and sculpture.  The main attractions of   Rome   are the ancient sites   Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon  , the Great Squares (Piazza), Piazza Navona and Roman basilicas and churches. The hills of Rome add beauty and flavor to the sites and churches of Roman city.

The churches of Rome have the icons of Christ. Moreover, the ruins of the archeological sites have also an attraction for the tourists as they are the signs and symbols of its history.  The famous ancient place one has to visit while in Rome is the Capitol which symbolizes the ups and downs of the Roman Empire. The   other attractions of Rome are   Vatican, Capitoline and National Roman museums, museums of Pesta and various other renowned museums and art galleries. The museums and art galleries of Rome have the collections of the ancient Roman art and culture and icons of   Roman Empire   which are famous for timeless beauty.

Piazza di Spagna, the business hub of the hotels in Rome, has all the hotels   that   one will   get   all amenities to spend the days amidst the unique Roman atmosphere. As naturally the climate of Rome is cool and calm, the tourists will   find comfortable to visit Rome from the spring to autumn season.  The price of hotels in Rome depends on the season as the tourists   prefer   to   visit Rome in the   spring and autumn season. After Christmas, the rates of the hotels become low. One can choose a luxurious or cheap hotel for accommodation.

The hotels   located around Termini   station are suitable for the tourists of the business community for low price. The hotels equipped with fashionable items are located near the surroundings of Via Veneto. Feminine and Ciampino are the two airports which are well-linked to the all places of Rome. One can visit by all means of transport such as metro, bus etc to enjoy the sights and museums. But the tourists have to book their ticket earlier from various sources of the roads that are open for the tourists.

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