Rome Tourist Attractions

Rome also known as the Eternal City is located on the bank of Tiber River that flows between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apennine Mountain.

This city offers a number of sites that are worth visit when you decide to tour to Rome.

The most common of the tourist attractions are discussed below:

Foro Romano and Palatino
The Foro Romano is a stack of marble fragments, and floor layouts. This is the symbol of political, social and commercial centre of Rome Empire that extends to Greece, Cartage and Sicily. The present state of poor condition of is due to the fires and barbarians. It is one of the best conserved and attractive tombstones, which was constructed to rejoice the triumph over the Parthinians. It also features the earlier entrance hall of the Vestal Virgins House and Temple of Vesta where an everlasting flame is ablaze by the Vestal Virgins.

Mercati e Foro di Traiano
Mercati e Foro di Traiano is the most remarkable complex containing a main square, two libraries, and a basilica and a market with similar name. The market has about 150 shops over 6 storeys. It is considered as one of the finest artworks of Roman and it also contains the interment pots of the Emperor and his wife. The emperorís statue was placed on the top of the Trajanís column which was later replaced by the St. Peterís statue giving a tribute to the saint.
Situated near to Via Sacra and Arco di Costantino, it is 186m in length, 153m in width and 47m in height. It took almost 8 years to build this enormous tomb. It was a source of great information that that featured gladiatorial invasion between men and wild beasts and death guaranteed at one side. This was banned in the fifth century. It has been continuously embezzled and shocked by earthquakes. At present only the emaciated framework of it are left having twisting passages to the arena.

The Pantheon is the most beautiful monument of the ancient Rome. It is regarded as the emblem of the city. It was built as a temple of the Gods and later transformed in to a church by the Christians. This dome has a radius equal to its height. The main attraction of this dome is a 9m hole called oculus which allows the light as well as the rain in the dome. Once decorated with the statues of the divinities, its current focus is the Raphael tomb.

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