Rome History

According to Legends, Rome - The capital of Italy was originated by twins Romulus and Remus on the 21st of the year 753 B.C. But the archaeological evidence shows that the city was developed from the rural people settled on the Palatine Hill.

There is a big confusion in relation to the origin of Rome. As where the Romans themselves believe that their city was developed in the year 753 B.C. but the modern historians believe that this capital city was founded in the year 625 B.C.

History shows that earlier Rome used to be governed by kings, out of which seven reigned. But after sometime they decided to rule themselves. So, a council known as Senate was appointed by them. This transformed the city into a Republic nation. The myth behind the name Roman Republic is that the word Republic is derived from the Latin word res publica where in Latin stands for the language of Romans. The senate always gave correct peace of advice to the kings.

Just to rule the capital city for one year a consul was appointed by the Senate. The consul ruled like a true king who was for the benefit of his country not like that of an oppressor who believes in the policy of dictatorship. It was compulsory for the consul to take appropriate decisions as their conduct had to be judged by the next consul which could even give them punishment for their behavior. The section of the people was very important for the Romans. According to the profession, the section of the people was divided into four people. 

The lower section of the people belonged to the slaves. The plebeians belonged to the second sect of the people. The equestrians belonged to the second highest sect of the people. The patricians belonged to the highest class of the Rome. The Roman republic turned out to be a victorious government. The challenge faced by the Roman Republic with Cathagians is still remembered as the fight was fought on land as well as sea. In the end, the Romans turned out as a triumphant and the Cathage was completely shattered in 146 B.C.

Julies Caesar, the renowned Roman Politician and general conquered the huge territory of the Gauls to the north side of his own territory in France.  But in the end, this vast Roman Empire with rich heritage was overrun by the barbarians from the north and the east side of the Europe. In the year AD 476, the Rome was succeeded by Visigoth Odoacer and thus was completely shattered.

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