How To Get There

One will not face any difficulty to visit Rome, the capital of Italy. Rome is well-connected with airways, metro lines and roads

How to get there by Air?
The busiest airport of Italy is Leonardo Da Vinci Airport located in Fluminico town at a distance of 34 km away from the heart centre of Rome. The airport provides both domestic and international service. It has four terminals to serve the domestic and international flights. The airporthas good security service and transportation facilities. Metro, bus and taxi service are accessible here. The other airport is Ciampino airport, a conglomeration of various services, is older than the Da Vinci Airport. It is 15 km away from the central Rome and served by seven airlines.

How to get there by train?
Line A and B are the two metro lines that provide good service to the all places and various tourists destinations of the city. One can buy a ticket of a metro at the bus stops, newsstands, tobacco shops and metro stations of the city. Metros are quite comfortable for the travellers to visit the nook and corner of the city. 
How to get there by roads?
Rome has a good network of roads comprising the old and modern roads. One could also find comfortable to visit by taxis, buses and rental cars that regularly ply on the roads. Most of the historical roads of Rome are survived now and used for public transportation. The bus service covers the entire city and provides service to the areas which arenít linked to the metro lines. Linea Urbana and Linea Express are two popular categories of bus that provide service to the commuters. Though traffic snarl is seen on the roads of Rome, yet one would find comfortable to visit by bus. Cotral Bus Service serves the suburban areas of Rome. Night bus service is also found in Rome.

How to apply for visa?
One has to apply for the passport and visa to visit Rome as the identification requirements. For the citizens of USA, British, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, only passport is essential to visit Rome but they do not need visa to stay up to 90 days in Rome. Besides these countries, the citizens of the other countries must have issue valid passport and visa to visit Rome.  To issue a visa, one has to contact the embassy or consulate of the Italy that is in their country. The citizens of the 15 countries belong to the Schengen area such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Sweden; Italy etc have to issue a Schengen Travellers Card which is issued by the countries to travel freely in these countries. 

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