Best Time To Visit Rome

As John Keats says that autumn is the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, close bosom-friend of the maturing sun”, it is the best season to visit Rome.

The best month to visit Rome is October (autumn) as the sunny days of the autumn are waiting here to welcome you to the culture capital of Italy. The nature wears a different look on the eve of the winter, so, the tourists from the different locations of the world prefer to visit Rome in October.

If one likes to taste the winter wine of Rome and the chestnut, November is also suitable to visit Rome. In November, the weather becomes partly cloudy and rainy. The spring (April-May) and autumn (October-November) are the best seasons to visit Rome and one can plan to visit Rome in the summer season as most of the musical and poetic concerts are held in this season. The people commonly say that when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

 It will be the best and the most enjoyable to one as he or she could feel and act as the Romans. Moreover, the month of August is the best for the litterateurs and connoisseurs to have a first hand experience of the various concerts of the Italians. The history of Roman culture repeats itself in the month of August.The weather of Rome in the spring season is the best for the visitors as it is a mixture of cold and hot. The culture capital of the world is visited by the tourists in this season.

The spring season is the best to have a view of the sunshine in Rome. The Seven Hills of Rome add beauty to the natural scenarios in this season. The landscapes, the sunshine, the nice weather are enough to enjoy every moment here. The new feathers that the nature wears add extra beauty to the monuments, the churches, the museums and the famous gardens of Rome. Moreover, the Christians celebrate the Easter Day, the day of resurrection of Christ, in March or April, the first Sunday after the full moon.

In the month of April and May, the hotels and restaurants are free for the visitors, but in the month of August, the Italians come for outdoor tour due to summer vacation of the school children.The best time to visit Rome is the spring and autumn season because of the natural scenarios and the mild weather. Moreover, fewer crowds are seen in these seasons.

April is not the cruellest month here like the wasteland of TS Eliot as Rome is always known for its fertility. May is the season of roses in Rome and the famous garden of rose, Roseto Comunale is waiting here to welcome the tourists from all over the world. The colourful roses make you wild for sometimes and the children like to wander here and there.

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