Airports And Roads In Rome

Rome, the culture capital of Italy, is well-connected with the Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport which is located in Fiumicino town. Known as Rome-Fluminico International Airport, it is 34 kms away from the heart centre of Rome.

The hub of Italian airways, Da Vinci airport offers good service to the domestic and international travelers.

The security services of the airport is provided by the Aeriporti  De Roma from 2000 and served by the Italian  State and Customs police and   Civil Aviation Authority of Italy. The four terminals of the air[port are –terminal A, terminal AA, terminal B and terminal C.  Besides, A91 Roma-Fluminico, the motorway line comprising six line, Leonardo Da Vinci is served by several buses and taxis. Leonardo Express Train, serving the airport  is well-connected with the  Termini Railway Station. It moves two times at per hour. Moreover, regional trains are well-linked with the  airport  which  provide good service to the travelers.  Terravision serves bus service to Termini station.

Ciampino airport, a conglomeration of various services, is older than the Da Vinci Airport. It is 15 kms away from the central Rome and served by seven airlines. Bus and taxi service are available here and it has no direct connection with a rail line. A popular bus service of the airport served by Cotral and Schiaffini companies has a link to the Anagnina Metro station from which one can take a metro to reach central Rome.

Buses are also there to the local Ciampino local train station from where one will get a train to Termini Station. One must buy the ticket from the newsagent and stamp it. Terravision also serves bus service to the Termini station which takes 40 minutes to reach Termini. Terravision serves more than 20 trips in a day. Bus shuttle also provides good bus service from the airport to the Termini Railway station. The travelers can take a taxi or rental cars to their destinations.

Romans have a good network of roads built by the cavaliers of the Romans   emperors and a few of the ancient roads are survived till now.  There are so many historical roads of Rome which have well-connected with the various places of Italy. The historical roads of Rome are Via Cassia, Via Flaminia, Via Salaria, Via Nomentana, Via Tiburtina, Via Cassilinia etc.

The network of Rome is famous for its well-knit structure and most of the roads were built for business and cavalry purpose. Most of the old roads of Romans are rebuilt  for  expanding the modern road network.The metro and bus service are the main forms of public transportation In Rome. The travelers have to buy the ticket of the metro at the centers of the bus and metro stations. A and B lines provide metro service in the City, most of the metro lines built in old routes used by the ancient Romans.

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