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Phoenix City has plenty of places to go that would range from historical sites, to adventure parks. Where to go in Phoenix is not a question as the there is a wide array of options offered to any visitor of this city.

One of the choices is the Patriots Square Park where one could savor the beauty of grass and chirping birds while seated at the park benches.

This park is considered as one of the city’s points of pride. Not just a park, but it is also open as a marketplace during selected days like all Wednesdays during the month of October until April. All kinds of goods like vegetables, local handmade products, and food, are sold in the Patriots Square Park. At night, it also presents open-air performing arts as an entertainment offer to the visitors. Restaurants and nightclubs in Phoenix caters to the different tastes of the people.

 Another Phoenix attraction is the Montezuma Castle National Monument which is located about 90 miles north of the city center. It is the best place for preserved ancient ruins. Historically, it was the Sinagua people who first inhabited the place sometime in the 12th century are the builders of the two pueblos. One of the attractions here is the five-story building that has a total of 20 rooms. Its rocky limestone is properly preserved which until now serves as part of the entrance.

 The said attraction in Phoenix welcomes visitors with informative and educational exhibits that especially reveal the life and culture of the Sinagua people. It exhibits the kind of living they had at that time as well as the harsh desert region which was where they lived. The public are not allowed to get near to the ruins as ordered sine 1951; however, the visitors could view it clearly with the trail prepared. The place is good for picnics too especially as lots of sycamore trees along the creek could be good shade for picnic-lovers. Visiting Phoenix museums will give tourists a chance to view the city's past.

One of the best places in Phoenix is the Sedona which is tagged to be the temple of New Age culture. It’s filled with windshaped buttes and sandstone towers. The place is a favorite place of retirees, film makers, and artists. Hollywood cowboy films often used this as the perfect movie setting. Sedona is in the middle of the Coconino Forest. Best of all, a guest can also be enjoy Phoenix’s world-famous rock formations like Courthouse Butte. Accessed by a horse or jeep, visitors get to have more of Sedona. Ancient Dinagua ruins and cliff dwellings at Anasazi can be seen while passing along the Verde Canyon Railroads.

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