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The Camelback Mountain is one of the attractions in Phoenix City. Formerly reserved for an Indian reservation, the summit was then protected through the creation of the Preservation of Camelback Mountain Foundation in 1965.

Camelback has a summit which is 2,704 feet above sea level and an elevation at approximately 1,200 feet.

The layered sandstone is one of the best places in Phoenix which is made up primarily of granite. Large mammals are rarely found in the park as the area has been turned urban. However, what dominate in the park are smaller animals like rabbits, snakes, lizards, squirrels, and all kinds of birds.

This Phoenix attraction also holds different species of plants typically grown and seen in the lower Sonoran Desert. Some of the common varieties are that of staghorn, Christmas, hedgehog, barrel, saguaro, pincushion, cactoi, and cholla. Tress like mesquite, ironwood and ocotillo plant abound in the said attraction.

Another destination in Phoenix is the Deer Valley Rock Art Center which houses about 1,500 petroglyphs from the past and the present. These petroglyphs are left on the boulders of the Hedgpeth Hills which has been a sacred Indian property. Cultural tourism in Phoenix gives a tourist real satisfaction. The Deer Valley Rock Art Center is considered an attraction as it was listed as one of the Historic Places of the National Register.

The Encanto Park is another one of the travel destinations in Phoenix. The property is a 222-acre oasis that features picnic areas, a boat house, nature trail, lagoon, and an amusement park for kids, golf course, and an urban fishing site. It boasts its lagoon where one can rent some paddle boats and canoes or do some fishing. Phoenix City as a part of tourism industry has all kinds of outdoor activity courts like softball, basketball, and tennis.

This has also been a favorite destination of families for weekend picnics and cookouts. Most importantly, the park is just a few blocks away from the metro corridor. It has offered complete amenities for those who want to spend just a day or two from the busy city without having to travel several miles. Its golf courses are priced reasonable, thus, plenty of golfers opted to use Encanto Park’s golf facility.

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