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The Camelback Mountain is one of the popular landmarks of Phoenix City. Viewing from the top, the city came to be sketched vividly from the Sonoran Desert landscape.

This particular landmark in Phoenix is located north of the Sonoran desert which is 120,000 square mile. Phoenix has also been highly associated with the saguaro cactus as it is the landmark of the said desert.

Phoenix is commonly referred to as the “Valley” as it is characterized by mountain ranges. At the north-central part of Phoenix lies the Camelback Mountain and the Squaw Peak. By standing on the summit of both mountains, one could have a clear view of the Greater Phoenix. Greater Phoenix is composed of 23 incorporated cities which is about 2,000 square miles in total area. However, the city map of Phoenix lies at the center of the southern portion and occupies about 450 square miles.

Tagged as the Cun City, the travel map in Phoenix entices travelers to visit the Valley as it offers sunshine for more than 300 days a year. Its average temperature plays around 72 degrees Fahrenheit, thus, tourists make it a priority destination for outdoor activities like golfing, biking, hiking, and boating. It’s a favorite place of those who want to escape from the snowy winter weather of some parts of the United States.People visit the place not just for leisure and vacation but also for business and conferences as the city offers modern hotels, shops, buildings, restaurants still with a touch of native America.

One of the attractions of Phoenix is the Grand Canyon which would allow one to take a peak of the Colorado River. For a traveler to totally understand the canyon, he could take do some hiking from the rims of the river, or a rafting excursion, or ride on a helicopter. However, majority of the travelers opted to simply drive and walk along the trail.

 Other attractions in Phoenix are the southern rim of the canyon can be visited any time of the year and can be accessed through Highway 64. There are four hotels in the area which are the El Tovar Hotel, Kachina Lodge, Thunderbird Loge, and The Bright Angel. Visitors could camp out at the Mather Campgrounds which is also opened in South Rim.The North Rim is somehow limited on its services from mid-May to mid-October only. This portion has the Grand Canyon Lodge which is known for its carved out stone at the edge of the canyon. From the room of the lodge, one can actually enjoy looking at the canyon.

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