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Phoenix city has a good air travel access from countries like Canada, Mexico, and the UK. International flights abound in the largest airport in Southwest which is the Sky Harbor International Airport.

Besides air travel, tourists to Phoenix can avail of the extensive network of railway system as well as bus line. Amtrak trains and Greyhound buses have been serving the Southwest. Visitors need not worry on transportation as almost all car rental companies do have an office in the airport and they offer car rental service on all parts of the city.

Bus riders can take advantage of the weekday buses and few routes offered during Saturdays. They can use their credit cards to pay the fare. The Valley Metro operates the public transportation in the city with its extensive system of buses and rideshares. In 2008, it starts its operation for the Valley Metro Rail. Amtrak Thruway buses travel from Sky Harbor to Flagstaff. This line connects daily the Southwest to Los Angeles and Chicago.

Travel agencies in Phoenix offer a wide selection of Phoenix package tours to provide access for interested guests. They may take the three to four guided bus tours to check out the major sights in Phoenix. However, longer tours are also offered for packages that include the Grand Canyon. There is a good number of notable locations in the Phoenix city such as Gila Valley Lookout, Arizona State Fairgrounds, Pueblo Grande, Black Canyon Golf Course and many others.

Visitors could check out the tourist attractions in Phoenix like the chain of shopping centers in the metro such as the Alta Vista Shopping Center, Arcadia Plaza Shopping Center, McDowell Square, Arcadia Village Shopping Center, Rancho Encanto Plaza Shopping Center. The city is also rich in lakes, streams, rivers, and creeks with Encanto Lagoon, Apache Wash, Scatter Wash, Deadman Wash, Cave Creek, and others.

It also boasts its parks like the Indian Bnd Park, El Prado Park, Coffelt Lamoreaux, Cave Buttes Recreation Area, and the Piedras Grandes Picnic Ground. Some of the crowd-drawers in Phoenix City are the Hall of Fame Fire Fighting Museum, Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona Capitol Museum, Desert Botanical Gardens, Heard Museum, Heard Museum, and others.

Travelers are after the attractive warm and sunny winter weather in Phoenix city. Phoenix hotels provide a wide choice of accommodations tailored to fit anyone’s budge. Tourism in Phoenix continues to rise annually. Most of the tourists came from the east and Midwest who later decided to settle in the city. From then on, Phoenix started to use its population to sustain growth and development in the area. Today, there are more than 3 million now residing in the metro area as compared to just about 100,000 in 1950s.

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