Phoenix Language And Culture

Phoenix City is composed of about seventy-eight percent native including those who originated in Arizona. Only about twenty-two percent of the residents in the city were foreign born.

The Language in Phoenix is spoken by 35 percent of those who settled in the city since they were five years old is English.

They also speak other language besides English such as Spanish. About 87 percent of them know to speak Spanish. Of that number, about half of them admitted that they could not speak English very well.As the capital of Arizona, it is also the most populous capital city of the United States. It is the fifth largest city in the States with about 1.5 million of estimated population as of 2006. It is also tagged as the 10th largest state capital in land area covering about 515 square miles. People who were born and who have settled in the city are known as Phoenicians.

Some of the known landmarks that constitute the culture of Phoenix are the Chase Tower, Fleischer Museum, Hall of Fame, Camelback Mountain, Castles Ní Coasters, Enchanted Island, Chase Field, Symphony Hall, Tovrea Castle, WaterWorld, Wrigleys Mansion, Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix Museum of History and others.

 Culture-wise, the Chase Tower is considered the tallest structure in the state of Arizona. With forty stories, it was first built for a financial bank named Bank One but it later merged with Chase in 2005. Built in 1972, it was designed by Welton Becket and Associates, a prominent Los Angeles-based architectural firm.The structure is distinct for its unique saddle-shaped, cable-suspension roof that can support over 1000 precast concrete panels. That marked the Chase Tower with such an innovative architectural engineering.

The city is abundant with museums and attractions. The lifestyle and culture of Phoenix is influenced by its Native American, Hispanic, African, and Asian. People in Phoenix City celebrate arts for centuries. It is manifested through the show of ancient petroglyphics, display of performing arts, number of museums that abound in the city, as well as art galleries that show off the landís culture.

Phoenix is home of ancient Native American arts and culture, abundance of Hispanic art and architecture, richness of Spanish and colonial and Mexican American heritage, African American and Asian roots. It even preserves its legacy of the cowboy culture which is still alive until now.The myriad of culture from Spanish, Hispanic, African, and American makes the lifestyle in Phoenix city culture-rich.

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