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Mexican cuisine plays a big part in the traditional food in Phoenix City. Mexican dishes are served especially in the greater Phoenix area. Phoenicians truly love red chili, lots of beans, and lots of hot sauce.

Arizona is known to have different kinds of chiles in all grocery stores. Most Phoenicians use chiles in cooking to add a distinct taste of the Phoenix cuisine.

Phoenix restaurants offer chiles of different varieties also differ on the level of pain it brings to oneís pallete. Studies showed that green bell peppers donít have any value at all in terms of Scoville units. However, the Habaneros variety plays between 200,000 to 300,000 Scoville units which mean that itís very much hot to oneís taste.

 The Phoenix cuisine is also characterized by the popular Jalapeno which is found to vary from being so mild to so hot. Experts claimed that the degree of heat would matter on how it was grown and how it was cooked. They said that the heat is highly concentrated on its seeds and veins. It is often pickled as the end-product or could also be canned and sliced.

Other varieties of chiles are Poblano Chiles, Red Fresno Chiles, Arbol Chiles, manzano Chiles, as well as Serrano Chiles. Phoenix, though not included in the top ten grape growing regions in the world, is amazingly considered a home of several wine grapes. Historically, Arizona was then planted with vineyards in 17th century. That could be the reason that even now the number of wineries continue to rise in number. There are 13 reported wineries while there are about 650 acres of grapes grown in some parts of the city. Such production is especially intended for Phoenixís best wine and drinks.

Sonita Vineyards Ltd. Is just one among the many vineyards which is located in Elgin. Experts claimed that the quality of soil in the area is highly comparable to that of Burgundy, France. It offers a daily wine-tasting between 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. By buying a bottle of wine, the wine tasting minimal charge is usually waived. Some of the wine grapes varieties that have been grown in the city are Merlot, Syrah, Sangiovese, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and many others.

 Numerous Phoenix restaurants serve some of the best wine in Chandler and Temple are found in Caffe Boa On Mill, Kai, Flemingís Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar. These three restaurants have received award of excellence for producing excellent wine.Other restaurants offering best Phoenix wine are the Capital Grille, Compass Restaurant, Cheuvront, Different Pointe of View, Donovanís Steak and Chop House, Durantís, and Lonís at the Hermosa.

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