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Phoenix is described as very similar to Los Angeles without an ocean but with lots of golf courses and drier heat.What drove more settlers and visitors into the city is its prime arena for business and very rich culture.

People also get to appreciate Copper Square’s abundance of municipal buildings, high-rise corporate headquarters and Phoenix City Hall departments.

Business in Phoenix is concentrated in the downtown area where the government and finance center is located but it has also transformed to become an arena for culture, sports, and shopping and other city services in Phoenix.In the north is where the Camelback Corridor is located. It sleeps in between Phoenix and Scottsdale. This has become the popular area for shopping and dining.

 Phoenix’ south is where the airport ad the Arizona State University are located. It is in this portion where majority of the residential sites have been established. Tourists could also site a wide array of choices for Mexcian restaurants in the south.The Phoenix City directory shows there are 15 urban villages in the which includes Alhambra, Camelback East, Deer Valley, North Gateway, Ahwatukee Foothills, Maryvale, Estrella, Laveen, North Mountain, Desert View, Paradise Valley, Encanto, Central City, and South Mountain.

 What makes Phoenix truly an attraction that brought in continuous development in its economy is the vast expanse of untamed desert. This has become the reason for an active arts scene as well as a healthy and brisk economy.Phoenix public bulletins show that tourists could visit the city for outdoor recreation like hiking, golf, horseback riding. These are activities that very well suit to the dry heat of the Sonoran Desert. During winter, settlers and visitors still get to enjoy outdoor recreation especially outdoor sports with its warm and sunny weather.

 Phoenix city is known to be the home of snowbirds and retirees as well as vacationers as they could find numerous resorts and spas within in the city. Restaurants and shopping centers also abound in the area to cater to the needs of the increasing population and tourist number.Having an arid climate, it shares a comparable summer temperatures with some cities in the Persian Gulf like Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Its temperature could go as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit that often falls on early June until early September. Its highest which is 122 degrees happened in June 26, 1990.

Settlers could stand the dry desert air that causes hot temperatures. However, discomfort usually beset when the monsoonal moisture sets in that usually start in early July. Winter temperature is very mild in Phoenix which makes it an ideal vacation area for those coming from the cold places.

No one can expect the presence of snow in the said area. It was only in 1896 that about .25 centimeters of snow were accumulated. It was also still in 1939 that the heaviest snowstorm was recorded. It accumulated 1 to 4 inches of snow which hardly melted for four days.

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