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Phoenix city or the Valley is truly hot during summer with a temperature that could reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit while settles at 40 degrees Fahrenheit during winter.

Classified as arid and semitropical, the climate in Phoenix brings in a total of 300 sunny days in a year. The month of July is the warmest month of the year with a temperature that could go as high as 91.70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature in Phoenix which may reach 36.60 degrees Fahrenheit may be enjoyed on a sunny winter. While some other countries merely enjoy indoor activities during winter, the warm Phoenix weather gives people a chance to enjoy outdoor fun.

A winter season in Phoenix remains warm and snow is rarely seen at all. Thus, Phoenix has transformed this phenomenon as a tourism advantage by branding the city for a strategic tourism promotion which is winter tourism. The winter’s temperature in Phoenix has drawn lots of visitors from any parts of the world. During winter, Phoenix often observes frequent fog.

Thunderstorms often occur in the city for the entire year and are common to occur from July to September. This is brought about by the humid air that comes from the California Gulf. Thunderstorms often bring strong winds, hail and tornadoes. Phoenix’ dries desert air results to hot temperatures. Although tolerable in the early part of the season but it already causes discomfort as it brings in monsoonal moisture. This usually starts early of July and extends until mid-September.

 During the summer, the temperature in Phoenix shares the same temperature with some of the cities in the Persian Gulf like Iraq, Baghdad, Saudi, and Riyadh. It receives about 85 percent sunshine and very less rainfall. Data showed that March is usually the wettest month of the year, getting 1.07 inches of water while the driest month is June.It is only about five days in a year that Phoenix experiences a temperature drop. Not all parts of the city get the same frequency of freezes. As observed, outlying areas of the Phoenix see frost while some nearby areas of the airport do not. It was last January 7, 1913 that the lowest temperature in Phoenix was recorded at 16 degrees.

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