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Getting to Phoenix City, the largest city in Arizona, is quite easy. Itís the favorite destination hub for leisure, culture and arts, and adventure. The city provides a number of ways for potential visitors to easily get to the city. Phoenix City brags of its airports, railways and highways.

The Sky Harbour International Airport that accommodates almost all flights directed to almost every city in the United States. Not just inter-state flights, but it also opened its skies for major international flights.

The Phoenix airport is at the heart of the city, just about a couple of miles from east of downtown. A huge one, it has three terminals, services 17 airlines that fly to hundreds of domestic and international destinations. Some of the airlines being housed in Phoenix airport are United and US Airways, Air Canada, AeroMexico, America West, British Airways, Northwest and Midwest Express.

 From the airport and heading downtown, one must take the 24th street exit and on to Washington street. For those who are heading towards Scottsdale should take the 44th street exit and head to Arizona 202 until route 101 north is reached.

 Another mode of transportation is the SupperShuttle which runs 24 hours daily. It can service the passenger to any destination but a passenger will have to share the transportation with other passengers.Itís also easy to go to Phoenix by bus as the city never runs out of interstate buses that run on a regular basis.

 The Phoenix highways give visitors easy access and plenty of options to get to the city. Many visitors would opt for this mode of transportation since Phoenix is along the US interstate highways. This way, car travelers can easily get through the road signs getting to Phoenix.

 Phoenix railways and railroads are easy to access. As a visitor arrives at the metro area, he has to follow the route 101 which leads to the north, then west, then finally the east of Phoenix. For someone who is heading towards Scottsdale, it is best to take the Red mountain Freeway or route 101, while Tempe, Mesa, and Chandler can be reached using the Superstition Freeway.

Greyhound bus travel is the major bus line in this city plying the Phoenix highways. By merely starting at the main bus terminal, one will definitely find a trip to any destination of the country. Getting to Phoenix is a breeze as the main terminal which is located at the West Glendale Avenue, is also the center for anyone who wants to go to Los Angeles, Denver, El Paso, or Mexico.

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