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Paris is famous for its shopping such as apparels, books, records and other things. Shopping is a treat in the colorful and vibrant markets of Paris.

Shopping can be done from Monday to Saturday 9 or 10- to 7 or 8 in the evening. Generally shut from 12 to 2.30 for lunch.

Paris also has a lot of shopping corridors in the city, thus making it very enjoyable to shop while stopping to grab a bite when exhausted! Forum des Halles shopping center that lies above the large Les Halles RER metro station is a whole pace that is stormed by students, tourists and excursionists. Paris is mostly filled with independent and world renowned department stores. It consists of several multi fašade stores that mostly include all the lining. The sale tax is 20.6%, but extensively depends widely between what are considered as necessary items and extra goods.

Paris is regarded as one of the most leading cities in the earth of lavishness and trend craze. From purchasing some of the best perfumes, cosmetics and fashion-design world-brands to buying paintings and all other sort of goods are the best options available. Rare furniture or small items, the Flea-markets or Auction Sales happen in plenty over there. Exceptional items, gorgeous and beyond belief art and traditional goods, art paintings or jewelry, can be shopped from at La Salle Drouot or at the Flea Markets. 

The flea markets are among the most famous markets of Paris. Nevertheless this diversity spreads over a large area and the flea markets are therefore located at the ancient gates of the city (porte de Vanves or Saint-Ouen).

Among lots of stuff, you will probably discover whatever you want, even if you did not know what you were looking for. Leather jackets, ancient pieces of furniture are the best things to shop for in pairs. It is therefore not surprising that antique or second-hand dealers from the provinces come to flea markets to buy their own stock.

Some of the most stores worth considering shopping from include Puces de Clignancourt and Puces de Montreuil. The centrally located Le Forum des Halles is situated right in the heart of Paris and close up to the Pompidou center and Notre-Dame. It is an excellent place to buy good trendy clothes and jewels.
Similar to other cities, bargaining is highly prevalent in the flea market or small stores. However it is not appropriate to bargain in big shops and stores. Nearly all the stores, malls accept all major credit cards.

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