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The nightlife in Paris is dynamic and lively. Most of the big resorts and hotels provide suitable nightlife facilities for their visitors and tourists. People wishing to party can choose from a wide variety of parties or visit regular discos for a night full of fun and dance.

There are numerous nightclubs that operate in this famous city.

On the contrary if you prefer a relaxed nightlife, you could visit lounges that offer entertainment by steel bands, calypsonians, jazz groups, limbo dancing and moonlit cruises that are hosted by top hotels. Paris has an excellent and exciting source of entertainment for night lovers which is bound to get them smitten and mesmerized. This is duly contributed by the presence of a number of club, bars and lounges. People in Paris have a deep association with food. There are loads of different eating and drinking establishments.

Some bars also have local bands and music to entertain guests almost all day and night. It is a city full of eating places and restaurants at almost every corner of the street. Moreover Paris is certainly famous for its diverse cuisine and special Alsatian, European, French, restaurants. The final bills in restaurants are usually inclusive of the normal tax and service charges of up to 10-15%. Tip is a standard 10 percent of the total bill.

There is this Brasserie Bo finger which is a very famous place. Some of the Cuisine available includes Alsatian, European, French, and French Traditional.  This place was opened to people from the year 1864 and since then and till now it has maintained its reputation. It has cultivated a strong local following crowd for lunch and dinner on daily basis. Once you enter inside you will find a polished wood, gleaming brass and a stained-glass dome interiors where there is a well defined dining room.

 More than hundreds of foodies visit this place regularly. The Chou oute garnie l'alsacienne (sauerkraut presented the Alsatian way, accompanied by cured meats) is a tribute to the original owner. Some of the other favorites on the menu would include ocean-fresh shellfish; the tempting wines and an open-air porch are just some of the other highlights.

While in restaurants it is important that you check your bill as each restaurant in a particular hotel is different, and you could fall into the trap of paying service twice.Confirm the details with the hotels and restaurants before booking as they may have strict dress codes as well.

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