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Where To Stay In New York

Accommodation is not a problem in New York City as there are plenty of places to stay ranging from affordable lodgings to luxury hotels. However, finding the most suitable option might require some time and effort. The kind of accommodation you get also depends on the time period and season in which you are planning your trip to New York City.

In case, you have made a plan to visit the city during the festive season as in during Christmas or New Year eve, it can be a daunting task to find an appropriate place that suits your pocket as well as meets your level of expectation.

During the convention period in the month of September, it is indeed tough to find a suitable place to stay because most of the hotels and lodgings are fully booked. Thus, there arises a need to get the hotels reserved in advance to ensure that you do not face any kind of problem when you reach the City. The accommodations available in Manhattan are quite high in rates.

The charges of inexpensive hotels also increase as compared to those in other areas in New York City. In addition to the normal hotel room rates, tourists need to pay the taxes and surcharges, which make up to near about 15% of the advertised rate of hotel rooms. There are certain places, which require you to pay a safety deposit in case you have taken your pet along with you. At certain hotels, you need to seek the permission of the hotel owner to let your pet stay with you.

 For bachelors, who are seeking an inexpensive option of accommodation, hostels serve as the best choice. Such hostels are day by day mushrooming in number. One of the largest hostels in New York City is the American Youth Hostel. It has a huge capacity to accommodate people and all the tourists staying here provided with a private locker so that they can keep their belongings in safe.

In such hostels, there are common bathrooms located in the way of the common halls. A famous trend in Manhattan is to go in for bed and breakfast establishments, which was started by learned people who wish to provide the tourists with cheap and best services. Some of the popular B&B establishments are Sugar Hill Harlem Inn and Gracie Inn.

There are primarily five boroughs in New York City, where you can find the hotels to suit every income group, consisting of the affordable hotels as well as the lavish ones. All the national hotel chains have set up their branches in the borough of Manhattan. There are numerous hotels located in the backdrop of the airports that serve the City of New York. Thus, there is no point getting worried thinking as to where to stay in the City.