What To See In New York City

Undoubtedly, New York City is the most beguiling city around the globe. The city holds massive romantic appeal for its visitors. There are various major as well as minor tourist attractions to be visited. <

With an abundance of beautiful sights and establishments, at times visitors find it difficult to decide which destination to visit first.

Even after witnessing the trauma of the World Trade Centerís collapse, the City has not lost its charm and fascination. It is so vast and has so much to offer to its residents and visitors that even after spending several weeks here you will still miss some of the best places worth visiting. However there are certain key attractions that hold top ranks in the list of what to see in New York City.   

To begin with, there are various cultural neighborhoods such as Chinatown of lower Manhattan and the traditional Jewish Lower East Side, TriBeCa and the Eastern and the Western villages. This is not all that one will count in his/her list of what to see in New York City but one can also have a wonderful experience of seeing the celebrated architecture of corporate Manhattan, the skyscrapers in downtown as well as in midtown.

There is a lot to explore and experience for art lovers as well. New York City has numerous museums, including much talked about such as the Metropolitan Museum of Arts and the Museum of Modern Artís (MoMa), and some smaller ones that allow the City visitors to afford enjoyable weeks of wandering in its awe.

The Empire State Building in the City is perhaps the most easily identified and famous building. It has got place in various postcards. This building serves as an architectural masterpiece, which inspires new establishments to touch the skies. Some other prominent sights in New York City include Times Square, the Statue of Liberty Tour, Wall Street, Rockfeller Center, Chrysler Building and Grand Central Station. 

Through its well-knit web of eateries and chain restaurants, the City offers exotic food with a vast variety of international cuisines and delicacies along with breathtaking sights. One can also enjoy different genres of motion pictures as well. There are a number of clubs in New York City that vary in their styles to meet the expectations of their visitors. Evidently, there is no dearth of breath taking sights, exotic food plazas and entertainment events that it becomes a memorable experience for the visitors who come to New York City.

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